“Successfully running a business abroad means becoming acquainted with new people. Get out there and put in an appearance!”

From Rayon Manager to Area Manager Global Travel Retail

I work as an Area Manager Global Travel Retail, which means that I ensure Chupa Chups and Mentos are sold at airports all over the world. I have the opportunity to work on my personal ambitions at Perfetti Van Melle, with new challenges every day.

Fantastic experiences

After college, I tried my hand at many things: spent a year in Barcelona playing professional hockey, ran a champagne bar in Rotterdam... they were good times!

Personal acquaintance

The first time that I came into contact with Perfetti Van Melle was at my hockey club. Robbie Pastoor tipped me off about the vacancy for Regional Manager. Could that be my thing? I applied and was offered the position following a thorough application procedure. A smart move, becoming personally acquainted.

Experience in sales

As Regional Manager for the Hague region, the challenge I faced was making supermarkets, petrol stations, shops and kiosks enthusiastic about our brands. This is where I acquired my initial sales experience. Those were good times during which I learned to deal with a highly competitive environment and various types of client. Ultimately, it is all about convincing people. I have many good memories of those days, it is after all the first time that you are set free, and that you have to prove yourself.

Internal traineeship

After working for a year as Regional Manager, I happened to speak with Corrie Stolk (then the HRM) about my ambitions. I was given the opportunity to take part in a Perfetti Van Melle internal traineeship. During the traineeship, I was introduced to various departments and positions, in line with my interests and ambitions. It was a genuinely personal approach. I held various sales positions. Sales for clusters, for example, and I worked in the Trade Marketing department. Valuable experiences that help me understand the market even today. I also have good memories of my immediate superior during that time, Roel Nouws, who helped me bring out the best in myself.

Health and work

Following my traineeship, I went to work as an Account manager In-Home for the supermarkets. This involved doing what I did for petrol stations when I was just starting out, only on a larger scale, for the Sligro, Plusretail and Albert Heijn organisations. In addition, I continued to share my passion for hockey with my colleagues. Perfetti Van Melle gives employees the opportunity to enjoy sports at discount prices, which helps me keep a healthy mind and healthy body at work. Health is key at Perfetti Van Melle and is very much in keeping with the Socially Responsible nature of our company.

Area Manager Global Travel Retail

I saw the internal advertisement for my current role and thought 'That's the job for me'. A nice challenge and a great next step in my career! Oddly enough, only a few people had responded to the job vacancy. By now, I fully understand the challenge of combining this job with the family. However, this position has taught me to plan things well. My wife works flexible hours and Perfetti Van Melle is a flexible employer too. Nowadays, I plan my trips in such a way that we can spend the weekends off together. Where I think I will be five years from now? Travel Retail is a growing and dynamic market and I believe there are plenty of opportunities left for me in this very special working environment, in the years to come!