Code of conduct

Our Group’s reputation of being a fair, just and competent company with which to do business is one of our most valuable properties, which we want to protect.

Adhering to high ethical standards within our company and in relation to customers, suppliers, authorities and the public is extremely important for the continued success of all our business activities.

This is also the rationale behind this publication, the Perfetti Van Melle Code of Conduct, which includes the standards that apply to all Perfetti Van Melle’s people, in all locations and under any circumstances. It is important that everyone is familiar with and fully understands this information because it explains our responsibilities as a Group and as individuals, in implementing and protecting our core values and our ethical standards in our business operations.

Therefore we rely on this code of conduct and our shared standards and values with which all our daily activities are supported so that we can make Perfetti Van Melle a great company to work for and with.

Ubaldo Traldi
Chairman of the Board
Perfetti Van Melle Group B.V.

Download the code of conduct

Download the PDF version of the Code of Conduct here, version January 2022:

PVM Code of Conduct January 2022