“You are never done learning”

Technician from childhood

Jezelf ontwikkelen is vallen en opstaan, je grenzen verleggen, keuzes maken! Hoe moeilijk de weg soms lijkt, het levert vaak de mooiste avonturen op. Ga ook eens een avontuur aan!

Start of the career journey

Technician from childhood

As a Junior Mechanic, after three years I advanced to the position of Senior Mechanic. The curiosity and the search for responsibility and the processes behind it were my greatest motivation to grow. Over a period of 8 years, I held the following positions in succession: Electrical Engineer, TD-Team Leader and finally TD-Head.

I enjoyed doing this, but after a number of years I wanted to broaden my horizons further.

How do I broaden my experience and reach?

From technology to production

To broaden my horizons, I decided to make the switch to the production department. I learned more about the production processes, and I also had a say in improving them. I realised that I had to step out of my comfort zone to be successful. This involved trial and error. In the end, I was responsible for the production and packaging of Fruittella for over four years.

Following my own path

From Weert to Breda

Eventually, I left the factory in Weert, which I knew like the back of my hand. I went for a new adventure and moved to our factory in Breda.

I was and still am of the opinion that choices that feel uncomfortable ultimately result in growth. In Breda, I was responsible for Mentos production for over 5 years. However, this tasted like more...

A new challenge for further growth

Out of my comfort zone again

At Perfetti Van Melle there was no room for even more responsibility at that moment, so I looked for it elsewhere. I was a branch manager for an organisation that is active in the Foodservice and institutional market for almost 5 years.

Home sweet home

You are never done learning

In addition to my work, I took the higher professional education course 'Technical Business Administration' in order to acquire more theoretical knowledge in addition to my practical experience. In my opinion, you are never done learning. New challenges give you energy, instead of costing you energy.

I came back to our factory in Weert full of energy. To this day, I work here as Plant Manager. Using everyone's potential, daring to make mistakes and accepting challenges have brought me this far.