“Broaden your horizons, and so will your opportunities! ”

Take care of your own personal development. You need support of the managers and the organization, but you own it yourself. Give it the importance that it needs. Find the balance of being patient and pushing it sometimes a little bit.

Looking for a job

Starting at chupa chups in spain

After my master's in Supply Management in the Netherlands, I was looking for a job. I found it in my home country, Spain.

I was responsible for Supply and Demand planning for Chupa Chups. For example,I was occupied with the deliveries from external factories in various countries. I really enjoyed working with different parties, but I was looking for more.

Exploring my options

Search, wait and find

I looked for options within PVM myself. I also asked my manager. I was open to everything. That was a conscious choice, because I believe that when you broaden your horizons, so do your opportunities.

I waited patiently; eventually a suitable vacancy came along. After the long wait, everything accelerated. Within a few weeks, everything was in order.

A challenging job

Learning fast in a new environment

As Junior Demand Manager, I had to get used to a new organisation, culture and people. This was not always easy. Therefore, it was nice to have my manager also coming from a PVM site abroad. We went through similar challenges together and supported each other.

Due to a shortage in the department, there were many challenges. Out of necessity, I learned everything very quickly. It sometimes felt chaotic, but looking back I am satisfied. It made me, but also the team, stronger.

An unplanned step

Another step up

By the end of 2020, I was asked to join Supply Planning. I wasn't thinking of stepping in, but sometimes you have to step in when an opportunity arises.

I became manager of a small team. In my previous job I had enjoyed supervising a trainee so managing a team really appealed to me. There have been many changes, but we continue to function well as a team.

Developing together

As individuals and as a team

I am now manager of 3 colleagues and that makes my work very diverse. You have to deal with different personalities, positions and ambitions.

I like to give them direction and to find a balance between support and to challenge them. What do they want to develop? If they know, we look together for a way to do that. As a team, we look at how we can continue to develop.